The Knight and The Royal

Environmental Water Services offers the Ultimate Water Treatment System consisting of the patented The Knight and The Royal filtration systems. Each is designed to work in tandem and provide you with the safest, purest most luxurious water possible.  Price of this state of the art whole house water conditioning system is $2,695 plus installation and taxes.


Every Homeowner Needs 3 Types of Water:

Processed Conditioned Water: Provided by The Knight for general purposes, cleaning and to stop hard water scaling of plumbing and appliances throughout your home. With processed water your baths are more luxurious, your dishes wash cleaner, your laundry is softer. Not to mention the savings of time and money.

Hydro-Pro Filtration System: Provided by The Royal reverse osmosis, for drinking and cooking. With Fresh R.O. Water, your foods, juices, coffee, ice cubes are better tasting and better for you.

Utility Water: Used for watering lawns and other outside purposes that do not require processed water.


The Ultimate Water Treatment System  

We can't bring you the fresh air -- the sound of the wind -- the scent of the pine trees or the trickle of the creek, but we can bring you the quality of water that you deserve, "The Way Nature Meant It To Be."

The Knight

The uses for good water are endless and the reasons for owning The Knight are just as endless!

The Knight is the finest, most exclusive water processing system in the industry. No water softener can do all The Knight does.

The Knight performs three distinct functions of filtration. First with high capacity activated carbon. Next is softening with high-capacity resin. Last, the quartz filter bed assures even distribution of water throughout the bed.

In order to keep the resins clean and functioning at their peak, brine water is drawn from the brink tank and flushed over them. This regeneration is accomplished automatically by the control module. All you do is add salt.

The Knight makes it easy to solve your hard water problems.

Operational maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised.


The Royal

The Royal reverse osmosis filtration system combines submicron ultra-filtration with reverse osmosis and absorption filtration to produce high quality drinking water for the home.

1. First, the water is prefiltered to remove particles as small as 5 microns.

2. Pre-filtering enables the water to pass through a granulated activated carbon filter to remove chlorine.

3. Next, the water is "squeezed" through a thin film composite membrane, or reverse osmosis process, that filters dissolved solids, including lead and cysts.

4. The Royal then employs a prolonged-contact filter for ultimate carbon filtration.

Finally, before the water reaches your tap from the storage tank, it passes through a third carbon filter to absorb taste and odors.

The technologically-advanced Royal has evolved from many years of field testing and experience. Manufactured under rigid quality control standards, The Royal guarantees good-tasting, Fresh-Squeezed Water for your family to enjoy.

Operational, maintenance and filter replacement requirements must be met for The Royal system to perform properly.



This whole house system comes with a limited life time warranty on all parts except the electrical clock motor and replacement filters for The Royal reverse osmosis drinking water system.